Cady Design Group


A successful e-commerce site requires engagement and input from most of your departments including; Finance, Warehouse, Marketing, Product Management & can sometimes require engaging your bricks and mortar retail staff too.

We can project manage the entire process seamlessly for your business or just the areas where you do not currently have the staff levels or in-house skills, such as copywriting, content uploading or running effective social media campaigns.

The start up process looks like this…

  • Select Content Management System.
  • Order Fulfilment strategy
  • Payment gateway
  • Site Design 
  • Photography
  • Create compelling content which also maximises SEO’s and keywords.
  • Upload content
  • Write and execute marketing strategy, including EDM’s, social media & digital advertising all within your budget.
  • Train staff to maintain quality and brand personality across the site and through excellent customer service.
  • Launch
  • Provide customer service

Cady Design are experienced at all these processes, having clients, large and medium across various industries.

We also stay on top of the latest technology so you don’t have to and we provide ongoing consultation for established e-tailers who want to grow their business and their market share.

To start the conversation please email or call us on +61 3 8677 7701.